What makes Berlin so attractive for people all over the world? Is it the artistic vibe that the city has? Is the main attraction its club scene? Maybe parks? The architecture that is full of controversies? Bars? Opportunities? The “smell” of freedom and bohemian feel to it? If you ask me, the most accurate answer is: Everything!

Berlin + Salome: My personal love story

For me , Berlin was the first big city that mesmerized me with its scales and stunning contrasts that somehow shouts: “It’s okay to be a freak as long as you own it”. For a 15 year-old nerd (that I definitely was in 2004 and I still am, I guess) it was a huge deal for me to see that a capital city can have many flaws and still be loved by so many people. I realized that it was cool to be different, dress and think the way you want because that’s how Berlin made me feel from the very start. Back then, I had not seen much of the world. A few cities and towns in my home country, Georgia and Bonn in Germany; so, I had reasons for being astonished.

The interesting part about my personal attitude to Berlin is that every visit tells me how much there is yet to discover about it and how many angles it actually has. Do you want to just stroll across the river today? No problem, Berlin can give that to you. Do you prefer to meet a lot of smart and down to earth people? Sure, why not! So, in the end, for me the endless possibilities play the most important role. It seems that this amazing city has always something up its sleeve that can make you say: “Wow, this one is something new to me!”

A capital that gives you air to breathe

Many capital cities that I have visited have this annoying speed, stressful atmosphere and crazy traffic that keeps you from enjoying things. Somehow, for Berlin it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sure, if you decide to go to the most crowded places, you will feel the need to retreat and hide from the crazy noises and movements of people in Berlin as well but guess what? There are plenty of places, parks, streets and small squares where you can just sit back, take a deep breath of fresh (!) air and slow down the rhythm of life. At least for me, the existence of these kind of places is very important because slower pace helps me digest the influx of information and feelings I let in daily.

So, fresh air and green places are additional perks that Berlin can also be proud of.

As colorful as it gets… in all senses

It’s not a secret that Berlin is an extremely international city. You will hardly feel like a foreigner there. Everything is colorful: walls, clothes, hair, moods and people of all the skin colors are welcome there. I guess it is one of the places that make you feel accepted no matter where you are from, what you’re wearing or what your beliefs are. Of course, unfortunately, racist and close-minded people are everywhere but for sure, Berlin is not their favorite place to be.

Perfect mixture of order and chaos

I guess this is the cherry on top. Sure, Berlin is chaotic, beautifully crazy, artistic and it might not be the cleanest city in the world but don’t forget that it’s still Germany which means that living is eaaaaasy (Did you just start singing “Summertime” in your mind as well?) Do you want to go somewhere and don’t know for sure how or by what? There are plenty of maps, signs, indications and information for you not to get lost. Public transport is somewhat expensive but works great (at least for my standards). It’s easy to reach different parts of the city with the help of subway, tram, bike or by foot because people’s comfort matters in Germany and you can feel that at every step.

Ah… I will come back soon, my dear Berlin!