Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and chuchotage (whispering) for English, German, Romanian and Russian languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation implies speaking in parallel with the speaker, translating simultaneously. This is possible with special equipment and a booth; Mostly, in conference halls.

Online Simultaneous Interpretation is the same as ordinary simultaneous interpretation but performed online. In this case, both, the listeners and the interpreter are equipped with their own headsets; additional equipment is not needed.

Chuchotage or Whispering  is a type of simultaneous interpretation and is used when only 1 or 2 attendees need interpretation and special equipment or booth are not needed. Usually, the interpreter sits next to persons who need interpretation and interprets simultaneously by whispering so that her or his voice does not prevail over other speakers’ voices.

Consecutive Interpretation means translating in portions. A speaker makes a pause after a few sentences or approximately after 2 minutes so that the interpreter translates what has been said.


What makes my service special?

I am registered as a small business which means that you don’t have to pay income or any other taxes, because it is my obligation to pay them in the budget.

The art of communication is one of my passions. This makes our collaborating and planning pleasant and effortless.

With my help, your event will be equally interesting and understandable for everyone who speaks Georgian, German, Romanian or Russian languages.

I work as an interpreter since 2017 and I have interpreted for public, non-governmental and private sectors. In addition, I am an Economist (MA degree) with a 5 years’ experience. That is why I know exactly what it means to receive the highest quality service. I prepare for each event exclusively and with great care.

Due to the fact that I have received higher education in Economics and have worked in different industries and sectors, I have accumulated quite an experience. Currently, I specialize in terms related to Business and Economics, Energy Economics, Environment, Psychology, Human Resources, Cinematography, Fiction/World Literature, Tourism and Traveling.

Due to challenges caused by Covid-19, I have added Online/Remote Simultaneous Interpretation to my services and gained experience in this area as well. This is easily possible using various programs (for example, Zoom). If needed, I can also assist you technically.